Forced Stripping

Spoils Of Theft (WMV 1080p) – Becca

Becca has been “shopping”. Well, actually, it’s more like shoplifting. She has come home with a bag full of clothing and thinks she has got away with it. She is just relaxing after her long and strenuous stealing spree when she is startled by the presence of a man in her house. She demands to know what is going on and orders him to leave, but when he explains that he is a store detective for the business where she has been shopping, she starts to change her tune. Warned that her activities were captured by CCTV, and threatened with a call to the police to have her arrested, Becca becomes reluctantly compliant. She is told to remove the leathers she is wearing because these too were stolen. Once the man has her naked, he orders her to try on all the stolen dresses for him, a private viewing as it were. Becca is appalled by this behavior, but unless she wishes to spend some time in a prison cell, she has no choice but to do as she is told. She puts on and removes each of her spoils in turn, repelled by the way the store detective is staring at her. Finally, after being forced to remove the last of the stolen dresses, she is made to just stand in front of this leering man completely naked. Will he have her arrested now, or will he keep his word and present that he never found her?